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General Information

Effective 16th April, 2015 Air India Air Transport Services Ltd (hereinafter referred to as AIATSL) wholly owned Subsidiary Company of Air India Ltd has been appointed as Custodian. As a Custodian, AIATSL looks after total cargo activities that is from the stage of receipt of export shipments in the warehouse till placed on the aircraft with regard to export cargo and from the stage of import shipments being received from the flight till delivery to the consignee with regard to import activities. Facilities are available for acceptance and storage of all kinds of cargo including special cargo, perishables, dangerous goods, cargo requiring cold storage, valuables, live animals, heavy odd size cargo. To electronically interact with its trade partners AIATSL has developed its own Cargo Custodian Website. With this, Agents, Handled Airlines, Bank, Customs, Importers and Exporters will be able to interact with the Custodian through a single web based platform.

Import storage facilities for General and Special cargo
Working Hours – 24 x 7 basis

Import Warehouse is subdivided into two.
Light import Warehouse where Import Consignments of upto 99 kgs (Gross) are warehoused.
Heavy Import Warehouse where Import Consignments of 100 kgs (Gross) and more are warehoused.
Acceptance, Warehousing and Clearance of Import Cargo for AIATSL and its Customer Airlines is done in this complex.

Cold Storage Facilities:
Reefer Container – Capacity – 2384 Cubic.ft /Payload 27 Tons
Temperature Parameters : +2 to -15 Degree C
AIATSL has arrangements to deposit heavy packages in MIAPL Cold Storage.

Advance intimation has to be made for consignments in excess of 500 kgs through e-mail.
The email address as follows :-

Disposal of Unclaimed/Uncleared Consignments through Public Auction after a period of 30 days (under section 48 of the Customs Act 1962)

Storage for Hazardous Goods:
Total Area 75 sq.meters

Office of the Manager Cargo Complex & APEDA
This Office handles matters pertaining to Cargo Custodian Complex activities.
Working Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Sundays/Holidays)

Import Cell
Working Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Sundays/Holidays)
Handles matters relating to Import Cargo activities.
     1. Handling documentation including receipt of Airwaybills.
     2. Issuance of Delivery Orders and Cargo Arrival Notices.

Direct Delivery
Working Hours: 24x7

Facilitates clearance of all Direct Delivery consignments of Human Remains, Diplomatic Mail/goods, Publications, Newspapers, Life Saving drugs, Cut flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, Live animal etc.

1. Issuance of TSP Receipts

Console Section
Facilitates Console Agents in clearance of Consolidated (Break Bulk) Import Cargo.
Working Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Sundays/Holidays)
  1. Handling of documentation of MAWB’s and HAWB’s
  2. Issuance of Online Master Delivery Order (24 x 7)
  3. Consol agent’s Billings and Statements
  4. Transfer of TP cargo to Domestics Sectors/Transfer of baggage to MIAPL
IGM section
Working Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Sundays/Holidays)
Amendments to goods submitted by prior IGM.

Functionalities available on the website are:
  1. Enquiry/attachment of MAWB/HAWB
  2. Creation of TSP Receipt cum Gate Pass
  3. Request for examination (RFE)
  4. Sanction of (Delivery Order) by airlines
Q 1. How to register online?
Agents can have a common registration for Exports and Imports. 
Registration is taken care by the office of:
Manager-Cargo Complex & APEDA
Air India Air Transport Services Ltd
Room No.44, Cargo Complex Admin, Export Bldg,
International Air Cargo Complex, Sahar, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 099.

Q 2. Are separate PD Accounts required for Imports?
No, Exports and Imports PD Accounts will be common. The Exports PD Account conditions will hold good for Imports as well.
a) When the PD account balance touches 30% of opening balance.The PD account holder will receive following alert message from system "Your PD account has reached 30%. Please replenish your PD account". However he will still be able to issue TSP receipt.
b) When PD account reaches 10% of opening balance, the agent will receive following message from system "Your PD balance has reached 10% .You are not allowed to issue TSP receipt. Please replenish your PD account".

The Agent must ensure submission of hardcopies of the relevant documents at respective points of activity.

Q 3. How do I login?
Click for our URL which is common for both Exports and Imports. When you login with your User Id and Password you have to click on your choice for access i.e exports/imports. If already logged into Exports, you can click on box ‘go to imports’ to access the website.

Q 4. What are the features on the Imports homepage?
The Imports homepage screen has option of:
  1. Enquiry
  2. Attaching MAWB/HAWB
  3. MAWB check
  4. Show all
  5. Issue DO
  1. Enquiry
    When you click on enquiry the return screen display will allow you to key in MAWB to get data :
    • From IGM
    • From warehouse (if already warehoused)

    • For search from IGM database the display will be a screen with IGM number/Flt No/Date/Time/Origin/Total pcs/Gross Wt. The box for Dtls when clicked will give you HAWB details. This data is picked up from the EDI IGM messages sent by customs to Custodian.
    • For search from warehouse database the display will be a screen with MAWB (with Hawb no if consol) with warehouse details of Rotation number/ Individual HAWB numbers/ pcs/ wt/ description, with indicators of BOE/ RFE/ FFE/ DO/ OC/ TSP/ GD. Please read indicators as referred below in subtopic of QA 5
  2. Attaching MAWB/HAWB
    When you click on Attach MAWB/HAWB on the homepage it will display screen with boxes for filling up IGM number/year, MAWB number and HAWB numbers as indicated on the display. These key fields input by you will allow you to claim ownership for the goods of that combination When successfully attached the screen will return reporting successful attachment and whether RFE is to be made. Clicking on ‘OK’ will display your screen back with box for RFE date. RFE request can be made only for the next working day provided BOE is received by the system from Customs. Custodian will forward the goods for examination once RFE from Customs is received online. This status will be shown in the FFE column of the Homepage. Once the goods are forwarded for examination, Custodian will send FFE to Customs. All details pertaining to the shipment will be shown in the respective columns of the MAWB. Please nRFE date is to be filled with help of the drop down display of the calendar.
    • This attachment of MAWB/HAWB is allowed only if warehousing of the goods have been done by the Custodian. If not, the screen will return with error “location not assigned”
    • Attachment of a MAWB/HAWB by an Agent is a mandatory step before : a. RFE b. TSP creation is allowed for the goods. Once attached the MAWB/HAWB will be displayed on the Homepage of the Agent with the respective statuses of the shipment.
  3. MAWB check
    This fill up box when entered with relevant MAWB no will display details of only the selected master airwaybill on your home page. This will be useful if your home page has many master/house combinations attached to your account and the display runs into many pages.
  4. Show all
    Displays all the MAWB/HAWBs attached to your account and on your home page back again. This is to revert back to your full home page after choosing option 3 listed above.
  5. Issue DO
    For issuance of Online Master Delivery Orders by Airlines and House Delivery orders by Consol Agents.

Q 5. What are the fields on the MAWB/HAWB displays of the Home page?
When you log into Imports, the Homepage will give you all the details of the AWB attached to you viz
  • DTLS - This will give you the TSP details if already cut with an option to view the TSP.
  • IGM NO - Import General Manifest number.
  • ROT NO - Rotation number given by the Custodian in the warehouse.
  • MAWB NO - Master airwaybill number.
  • HAWB NO - House airwaybill number for Console shipments.
  • BOE - Bill of entry number given by Customs.
  • RFE - Request for examination message sent by Agent to the Custodian.
  • FFE - Forward for examination sent by the Custodian to Customs.
  • DO - Delivery Order sent by the Airline to the Custodian.
  • OC - Out of charge message sent by Customs to Custodian.
  • TSP - Terminal Storage processing charges for giving delivery of goods.
  • GD - Goods Delivered.
When you point the mouse on the following, will indicate:
  1. under BOE will give the BOE number, under RFE/FFE/DO/OC/TSP it will indicate "Done", indicating that function has been completed. Against GD will give date and time of delivery.
  2. under "BOE not cleared" / under RFE "Send RFE" that is the agent has to still send in his request for examination. By clicking on it the agent will be able to request for examination with a date chosen from calendar as before.
  3. under BOE ‘customs pending’/under FFE/DO/OC ‘waiting’.
  4. TSP charges will be shown under the TSP column if TSP has been cut and paid. If TSP has not yet been created a CREATE button will be enabled for him to create his TSP provided the OC has been received from customs and the D.O has been issued by the airline.

Q 6. How do I create an Import TSP receipt cum Gate Pass online?
If an Agent wishes to cut a receipt online please conform to rules laid down for PD Account holders. He may cut the TSP online if the CREATE button is enabled under the TSP column for that R no in his home page. The button will be enabled only if D.O is issued by the Airline and O.C. is given by Customs.
The receipt can also be cut at the Custodian TSP counter. Non PD Account holders can effect payment through the Bank. Relevant papers pertaining to the consignment should be submitted at the time of taking delivery.

Q 7. What is a charges calculator?
When you click on charges calculator on the homepage, you will see display screen of Rotation number with Delivery date boxes. You can give an approximate date of delivery to be taken. When you submit this information the system will display your MAWB/HAWB/Flt number/date and charges calculated for warehousing.

Q 8. How is Delivery Order be issued online?
Airlines should release Master Delivery Order online. To issue D.O. online input as follows after login:
On the Airline Imports Homepage fill in details of IGM Number/Year/MAWB and click ‘GO’. You will get a screen display of your MAWB with relevant details.Click on the box "Create" to issue D.O. This will go as an online message to the Custodian.
Similarly Consol Agents can create Online House Delivery Orders by using their User ID & Password. Go to Issue DO, Fill in details of IGM Number/Master AWB No. and Click GO. You will get display of all the House Airway Bills attached to the Master. Click on the box “Create” to issue House DO. This will go as an online message to the Custodian.
Effective 1st July, 2015 issuance of online DO is mandatory.

Q 9. What is a help desk?
This is a facility desk for our users in cases of any difficulties faced by them online. Contact numbers as below:
  1. Registration: 28318185/86 Mon to Sat from 9a.m. to 5p.m.
  2. Operational (24x7)
    • Light Warehouse 28318189
    • Heavy Warehouse 28318190
    • TSP counter 28318188
    • Consol Section 28318191
    • Import cell 28318192
    • DD Enquiry 28318193
    • Arrival Cell 28318166

Q 10. How to end the Login session?
User can end the login session by clicking on the Logout button on the screen.

Q 11. Which are the airlines handled by Air India in Import Warehouse?



Q 12. How the Cargo booked as unaccompanied baggage is cleared?
Presently the warehouse is under M/S MIAPL where all the unaccompanied baggage is warehoused and cleared.